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Watercolor illustration of the artist with pink and purple hair and a geometric cutout jacket and yellow pants sitting cross-legged on a cushion. Her hand is on her head as she concentrates on levitating a laptop. The laptop has a pink screen and is a gif that flips to its horizontal mirror image to appear to be moving. The background is a neural network pattern that is circular. Each circle node is an illustration of the phases of the moon with pink and purple overlay. The image flickers with static.

Believe in yourself. Not big tech.

Hatch Animation

Curious about AI?

Let Astrology Be Your Guide


Your astrological sign is the day you were launched into the world!



The Dreamer

Some things just don’t compute. We’re not just talking bad math, we’re talking bad dreams.

Dreams are powerful. Dreams shape what we want, what we believe in, what we get out of bed for.

Are you dreaming your own dream? Or is your future determined by someone else’s dream? 

How do you know? Listen to your gut. Look for others who have empathy. Cultivate discernment with meditation and self-reflection.

When you go to sleep tonight, unplug your mind, free the electric sheep, and listen.

Find experts you vibe with and friends you trust.



The Planetary

Are you tired of all this mindfulness this and mindfulness that?


Why can’t we practice matter-fulness? Stuff you can hold in your hands. What’s the matter with all this matter? Phones, microchips, wires, and satellites.

Tauruses resonate with the entire supply chain of AI. From the minerals mined to create computers to the construction of more data storage warehouses. From the workers cleaning up the data, to the people being tracked to become more data.

Practice matter-fulness and push for dignity for all people and the planet.



The Informer

Psst Gemini! Over here.

We have some learnings from guru RAM DOS to pass on to you.

There is an operating system to everything in the universe.

Can you feel it?

Trust your senses and follow them by investigating the origin and uncovering the systems that are doing all this operating around us. There are many ways to share knowledge with others: poetry, essays, interviews, art, news and ways only you can discover.

Investigative Journalism is one of the highest callings. It’s not spilling the tea, it’s serving up the entire tea party with a buffet and the receipts from the stores it came from. This is the sign you’ve been looking for to answer your call.



The Teacher

Is your desktop cluttered and deleting files just won’t cut it? Reboot, replenish and re-align your chakras with crystals — specifically really tiny transistor ones that are underneath the very big flat quartz crystal screen that you are holding in your hand. 

Well done Cancer, you are open and clear for reception. Great work! Are you still holding your phone? Let’s fill your information repository back up with some fresh takes! 



The Peacemaker

Heal your motherboard wound and you can heal the world.

Many come from broken systems of domination and create new systems that break others through surveillance and violence.

Too many want a future where they use money and power to control others and push for AI weapons, justifying that war is necessary for safety.

But having the latest AI weapons don’t make people safer, instead, they can make war more frequent. Knowledge combined with compassion increases your courage to fight for peace instead of war.

Connect with the peace inside yourself, connect with other people, and disconnect the tools of war.

To help sever the connection of technology to war, we need to see how they connect more clearly. 



The Organizer

Whoa! Feeling a bit overwhelmed? No doubt. You are a signal boosting machine and there’s just too much wifi interference going on right now.


Give a little shake to get clarity. Shake it some more. Oh, that’s a lot. Unshake it some.

Virgo, you are not alone in your network. Take a deep reset and tune in to the energy healing going on across the world to build communities and stand up for rights!

Companies make and sell AI tools that surveil, incarcerate, and deport our friends and family. Don’t let them. Do what you do and organize. Organize labor, organize friends, organize your family. What can you do? Learn about how you can be succesful. Find your people and join together.

Take back tech!

Glowing graphic representing a Virgo with a glowy virgo symbol in neon


The Just

Balance is a mood. When things are out of balance — you know it. People have been recalibrating the scales of justice so it tilts in their favor for a long time.

The latest tale?  “The algorithm did it”. Oh please! We all know the algorithmic weights are stacked in a rigged game of Jenga. Time for a software update!

“There can be no love without justice” said Bell Hooks. Libra, feel that universal frequency and your scales also tell you“there is also no justice without love.”

That is cosmic justice: justice that comes from the place of love, justice that brings forth love.

How do you rewrite the code of justice with love as the primary function? There is only one way: unmitigated perseverance.

Center yourself, find your balance, and don’t give up.



The Untangler

The status quo is real “status: sus” if you ask, Scorpio.

Ground down through your root drive and connect to the land.

But is it stolen land?

The default world, digital and physical, needs a ctrl-alt-del to end all control.

This world’s science and technology, specifically AI, does not need to be tied to colonialism and extractive capitalism. The wires run deep and are many. They are all tangled up in knots. They are cables, encircling the earth under your feet. A pile of frayed ends. You can pull at it and feel the tug of hungry creative souls, pulling them apart. They repair, restore, revive, and rebirth new futures and new worlds.

Unsettling? Yes! It’s seriously unsettling. Imagine what else is possible. What do we need to do to get there? Your ancestors have your back, step up and and forward.



The Imaginary

If any sign was a search engine, it would be you.

You are open to receiving the highest downloads of collective consciousness, one byte at a time.

As all your friends know and call you for advice which you are happy to give. Sagittarius eats and leaves no crumbs. You are uniquely able to see alternatives. Your mind can sense other cosmologies.

Your heart is open to other ways of not just doing things — but being things.

As Dr. Ruha Benjamin puts it “Imagine and craft the worlds we cannot live without, just as we dismantle the ones we cannot live within.”



The Resistor

Your astral plane is delayed…again. Got stuck in a network traffic jam.

You haven’t had a soundbath in days…. Artificial Life can be tough.

When your third eye is on the fritz, it’s time to rest and then resist.

Resistance can take a lot of forms. A resistor limits the flow of the current and there are a lot of flows that are currently in need of resisting.

Enjoy your downtime and when you are ready, get your download from these sources and when something they say resonates with you find actions to take and movements to join in our vibes section.



The Foundations

Where does AI come from? In the beginning was the great lake. Every breath, choice, opinion, motion in the universe is born as  data in the great sky cloud and falls down upon the venture capitalists to water their investments. They feast until they data purge. Their employees’ ethics wash the conference room and it all drains into the sewer where it is purified by the valley of Silicon and trickles down to you. All data streams merge back into the great data lake from which all data comes from…

Oh what? No, that doesn’t sound correct.

What’s that?

You’re tired of hearing made-up nonsense about where AI comes from? Tired of jargon? Tired of marketing!

If you want to learn for real, click the MANIFEST IT links.

PISCES — THE Outlets 


The Creative

Divine electricity is all around us. Pixels burst out of the screen. Your circuits are overloaded. Everyone needs an outlet.

But Pisces, a word of warning. You’re a water sign.

What can be a spark of inspiration for some can ignite a revolutionary flood in others. Know your size.

Check out our Vibes page and draw upon inspiration from artists and researchers. Even better, write your own words or make some art. Let this be the sign you need from the universe to start your new adventure in sharing what you know with others. Luck is the residue of design.

Hatch Animation

What power source have we been plugged into?

Find your space in our carefully curated VIBES page.